Get a Room!… Or Not!

Photography by Ivy LinWhat was once labeled as a sensual, perhaps passionate, intimate and private experience can now be turned into a wild, random, and even public occurrence. Yes; open sex.

In front of others. In a club. With anyone, wherever, whenever, just not in the hot-tub- and as long as you give consent of course.

These are the rules at Oasis Aqua Lounge, a water-themed open sex club that offers an exclusive venue for this sexual exploration- and it is located in our very own city of Toronto.

On Jan. 21, the Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto hosted an “epic sex adventure”, or what to others was considered to be an epic orgy at the Oasis location on 231 Mutual St.

Oasis Aqua Lounge is a 19th century mansion that is beautifully restored. Aside from their exciting play areas, it includes a spa, lounge, hot-tub, aromatherapy steam room, dry sauna, and a year-round heated pool in a private courtyard equipped with bars both inside and on the poolside patio.

Guests can choose to enjoy all the facilities that Oasis offers while also choosing to engage in sex with the person (or people) they came with or met there.

And this isn’t your typical club with $3 drink nights or Way Back Playback Wednesdays. It offers Spectator Sex Saturdays, Fetish Fridays, and Hot Springs Wednesdays just to name a few.

Nakayla Palma, 21-year-old Customer Service Representative at Oasis, says, “Something people can expect from Oasis? Genuine people. Lots of nudity, and lots of sex and open minded people.”

“What I enjoy most is how open people are with each other and with themselves. It’s always a plus to be in a space where no fingers are pointed and no one is judged,” Palma says.

According to their official website, Oasis is “…an adventurous place to sun soak and explore your sexuality, enhance your relationship and reignite your passion.”

From burlesque shows, to pole dancing, to boob contests, to BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) demonstrations, to sex workshops, to erotic exhibits and even live porn, Oasis is more than your typical wet and wild pool party.

In fact, there is a whole lifestyle community whom Oasis caters to.

Hostess, nudist, and fetish affairs icon, MsKitty (, has been in the swinging lifestyle for 15 years now.

“I started as a patron at Oasis and then I got asked to host an event forming scenes,” she says. “I’ve been involved in the lifestyle for a long time and been exposed to it for a long time.”

MsKitty believes that these clubs enhance relationships as couples that come together always leave together. “They can have sex in another location other than their bedroom, it’s cheaper than a hotel, they can watch others having sex, or can experience playing with the toys, or even be with other couples,” she says.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, sexologist (Sex With Dr. Jess) says, “Playing with other couples can cultivate excitement, and power of anticipation can be shared to enhance fantasies that you create as a couple. Sexual variety can intensify intimacy between partners.”

The lifestyle community of nudists, and BDSM also includes the unknown, which MsKitty refers to as “those who are unsure, looking to explore their options or are just plain voyeurs.”

“You don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to do,” she assures. “It is clothing optional- you can dress to impress or you can be in towels, thongs or sexy lingerie.”

MsKitty describes the different floors to the venue, from the Dungeon on the second floor, where there are bondage restrains, sex swings, a cage, and a tantra sex chair; the Red Bar Room on the third floor, usually a small orgy room with windows where you can’t see out, but people can see in; the Shaggin Wagon, fulfilling any “sex-in-the-back-of-the-van” fantasies, a leather interior play room with sheet-less beds and easy-to-wipe interior, a “Porn Room” with porn playing on the TV, and a Hollywood Room, a private room for those who want some privacy on the fourth floor.

Free condoms, lube packets and wipes are readily available.

Jana Matthews, owner of Oasis, says, “It’s a women’s club run by women for women. We wanted to create an atmosphere where women are comfortable.”

Matthews describes the club as a ‘water-themed adult playground’. “It’s like a mini-vacation; you can enjoy spending time with your partner and be adventurous- and do it in a safe and comfortable environment.”

She notes the change in demographics at her club. “We are getting a younger audience and since March the business tripled”.

Unlike a typical club, where there’s touching without permission, groping, and uncomfortable situations, Oasis patrons are forced to be respectful, and not to touch without permission first.

For those who are interested in exploring this venue, taking a tour, or simply using their facilities, visit for more information. There’s definitely something in it for everybody.

Every Monday, Oasis hosts a student night called, “Sass After Class”, for anyone between the ages of 19 and 35.


As seen in the Radix published on Mar. 17, 2013


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