Texting Behind the Wheel Isn’t So LOL

txtingdrivingThat one text message you decide to send or reply to just may be your last when you’re behind the wheel. Texting and driving is dangerous, risky, and there’s even a law against it- yet most of us are guilty of doing it (or have been next to someone doing it).

According to a Nationwide Insurance study, 66 per cent of drivers between the age of 18 and 24 send or receive text messages while behind the wheel.

“While texting and driving is hard to resist and we all want to stay connected
through our devices, the risk they impose is huge,” says third-year Media Studies student, Sumiyah Israr.

Texting is more of a distraction compared to talking because people need to see what they are typing. The cell phone has them looking away from where their attention should be focused which is the road. One could easily miss something critical.

Students at Guelph-Humber are taking notice to the effects of texting while driving.

“It could be something as normal as a car in front making a sudden turn, a pedestrian crossing the street or a sudden slow down in rush hour traffic- something a person looking down at their cell phone while texting could easily miss,” says Sunny Dhaliwal, a third year Business student. “An accident might only be a minor fender-bender or fatal to everyone involved.”

Studies have proven that drivers on a cell phone are four times as likely to be in a car crash. Texting reduces your reaction time by 9 per cent and slows you down by 19 per cent in braking.

“One second of distraction can make a huge difference on the road, where our full attention is needed at all times,” says Dhaliwal. “Texting and driving should be considered just as bad as drinking and driving- many think twice before they drink and drive, but most do not think twice about pulling out their cellphones while driving.”

As seen in the Radix published on Oct. 24, 2012


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