Men & Their “Gift” of Flowers

It’s been said that flowers are the way to a woman’s heart, and although I must admit that receiving a rose or bouquet or some fancy blooming flower arrangement has always been my idea of romantic, the idea of it now has just grown old on me.
It was cute and dreamy until I realized that men only send us women flowers to lazily acknowledge some special occasion, to reap in some sort of reward, or to hide something that they feel guilty about.

flowers-gentlemanCall me paranoid, pessimistic or the Ebenezer Scrooge of love, but simply put (to me at least): flowers are fake. I know many of you will stop right here, want to lash out, tell me how wrong I am, or simply call me cynical, but after all, this IS Vee’s View. MY view, like it or not.

Aside from the fact that these flowers were ripped from their natural habitat to only wither away and die, they are a symbol of pretence to me.

Think about it girls. When was the last time you received a batch of flowers “just because”? Is it ever “just because”? And if so, doesn’t that raise the question of “WHY?” in your heads?

I mean if a guy wants to show me how much he loves and thinks about me, are flowers really the only way to do that? I feel buying flowers is the easiest and fastest way out. You can drop into any flower boutique, tell the florist to throw together some pretty arrangement, and be out the door in less than ten minutes. Or even worse, you can order them ONLINE nowadays. Browse through the floral arrangements, click on your favourite and boom. Off they go to their “special girl”.

If she’s so special, why not express your feelings in a love letter? Or over dinner?  Now that’s a real surprise, isn’t it?

Flowers to me have just become overrated and played out. If you really want to impress us girls, men need to do something a little more unique, something different, something that you actually put thought into, and better yet, something so special that only she will understand. Perhaps something to remind her of your first date, a reminder of when you first met, etc, etc. Just be creative for god’s sake because even though there are some women (perhaps more than I’m giving credit for) that LOVE receiving flowers, there are girls like me that will receive flowers and actually be disappointed.

So sure, flowers are pretty and show that at this point in time, a guy actually went out of his way to buy them and spend money on his girl, but flowers will sit on your coffee table for a week MAX and then what?…. They just wilt and die.

Now if you want to talk about a gift that DOES last forever, diamonds on the other hand…  lol just kidding! 😛



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