Why Dogs Are Simply Amazing

This video was posted by Hope For Paws, an organization based in L.A., California dedicated to the rescue of dogs and other animals who are suffering on the streets.

After viewing this video and shedding a tear (or two), I felt inspired to share my view on why dogs are probably the most amazing creatures God has put on this planet.

Sometimes us dog owners, and humans in general don’t recognize or acknowledge how blessed and lucky we are to have these canines who show us true loyalty, love and compassion.

Miley, the dog in the video, was left to fend for herself. She was living in a pile of trash for months with no one to feed or shelter her, but yet when the Hope For Paws crew went in for her rescue, she trusted man again by letting him guide her, pet her, and remove her from her surroundings. 

Miley’s story shows how when provided with love and care, in turn, she provided love and care to her rescuer and to Frankie, another abandoned dog who was scared of everything. Taking her under her wing, they became best friends and she showed Frankie how to trust again. Like Miley, dogs are the perfect example of how they can bring joy to lives and save the lives of others as well- whether they be human or dogs.

Dogs have the biggest hearts and are usually the ones to comfort us the most when we are hurt or sad.  They have no hate, only pure love and are always willing to spread it. This is why it truly saddens me to see such gorgeous animals be left out in the streets to fight for their lives.

The bond that humans can share with dogs is truly indescribable and it breaks my heart to know that some humans are so ignorant to neglect and abandon such faithful animals.

Being a previous dog owner, I learned and personally experienced all the joys these furry friends can bring into our lives. Dogs are the one thing in life who will never disappoint you. They will never turn your back on you, never disown you, never judge you, and never stop loving you. If you show a dog love, the way they will repay you is more than you can ever imagine: unconditional love.

Simply put, dogs are family for life.



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