Why “A Drink” Is Never Just One Drink in This Generation

How many times have we all gone out and only had just one drink?
How many times have we downed one or two drinks and were satisfied with a mediocre buzz?

drinksMost of us can agree that all the times we have hit up a bar, club or house party, the range of drinks consumed is never less than one or two. We can also all agree that we all enjoy a good drink (and a good time). But this common interest can lead to a deeper discussion.

What exactly are the motives behind our drinking? Whether it is out of curiosity, to feel good, to de-stress, or to help them get lucky, there has been a tremendous increase in binge drinking within our generation.

And don’t think that binge drinking is only related to alcoholics. If you have ever woken up with a bad headache and vague recollection of the night before, then you have participated in binge drinking.

If you have participated in the act of getting “f*cked up” or “sh*tfaced” as we like to say, and have taken three shots in the span of  two minutes, then you have partaken in the act of binge drinking.

In fact binge drinking is defined as having five or more drinks on a given occasion in a two-hour time period so that a person’s blood-alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08 percent.

Why is it that among our generation, most of us do not stop drinking until we black out?
Is it the new phenomenon within our generation- to drink more than the normal standards in order to be socially accepted and “cool”? Or has our society really come to depend on alcohol in order to have “fun”?

One of the first things we do when we go to parties, bars and clubs, is to head straight to the bar. We place more importance on our state of intoxication rather than attempting to have sober conversations with the people around us.

We need alcohol in order to approach people; in order to not be “awkward”, oh and we most definitely need to have a buzz on in order to to hit the dance floor.

What we need to realize is that these decisions to consume and consume alters our state of mind and can eventually lead to many health risks.

Aside from the health problems, alcohol also has vigorous short-term effects. It transforms us into someone we are not and usually ends in embarrassment. Sure, you might meet a whole bunch of new people, flirt with the person you had your eye on the whole night, and even end up sleeping with them, but the next morning you won’t remember a word you said or what half these people even looked like.

Known to make us unaware of our surroundings, and unaware of our own actions, thoughts and feelings, one drunken stupor can lead to the most tragic night of your life, whether it be the choice to drink and drive, get in a fight, or engage in sexual activity.

So kudos to those who know how to drink responsibly, or to those who don’t even drink, but for those of you who don’t know their limits- remember that these are the best years of our life, so why waste moments harming your bodies and being that party animal that ends their night hurling over the toilet? Stay sober and embrace your surroundings- you will truly form genuine relationships this way and actually be present at your social gatherings.



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