Money Over Self-Worth?

As young girls, we are always taught that our body is a temple, to always be respected, to always be taken care of, and to never be used or abused.

For many, these values stay strong in our head, but for others, the need for money is greater than the need of self-worth, and they find themselves dancing on table-tops, stripping into nothing, and seductively dancing on a pole.

Sexy pole dancerThese misled women are used merely for one single purpose: the pleasure of men. This is not a job, but a lifestyle and it truly is a shame and mortification that there are women in the world who are so open to being used by the opposite sex.

These women make it seem acceptable for women to temporarily put aside their dignity for a few dollars. The acts they do make men objectify women, making women’s lives harder than it already is when it comes to men using women as mere objects. They create an “ideal” image in men’s heads that a “sexy woman” has to dress in a certain manner, have a certain bust size, be 5’ 6”, weigh 105 lbs., and have double D breasts. The actions the strippers involve are based on interactivity and reinforce traditional masculine behaviours.

Although many argue that stripping is just like any other job or that these woman are “dancers”, real jobs don’t need to degrade oneself and real dancers can show their talent without having to be sexual. These women are horrible role models and just the environment they work in is unappealing. Perverted men, wandering husbands, drugs, alcohol, and who knows what sort of sexual disease they could come in contact with are all the things these women have to deal with as part of their “job”.

And many even argue that this is an “empowering” job. To me, a woman who strips will never be as powerful as the woman who uses her intelligence in her workplace. Why would a woman want to be a stripper in the first place? Does she crave that much validation from men to tell her that she’s “sexy” and attractive? There is absolutely nothing empowering about it, as in order to even get the money, the MALE clients must first find her attractive- meaning the man holds all the power really.

Strippers create characters of themselves and sometimes get lost in the fantasy world of receiving admiration and attention for just being sexy. Instead of focusing on their own success such as with any other job, their focus is on the fulfillment of men. It becomes crucial for them to please others instead of themselves and a split is created between who they really are and who they think they need to be in order to get attention. So, so much for it being just about the easy money.  Stripping is just a job that encourages objectification and the idea that women should cater to men’s sexuality and bask in the glow of male validation.

There is no such as thing as easy money and stripping impacts a woman’s life in many ways. There are always repercussions, especially in a job where you become a whole new persona once you strap on your stiletto’s.

Everyone has the freedom of choice, and although there are women who are happy with being exotic dancers and this alternate lifestyle, just remember that grinding against some sweaty man’s crotch while he tries to cop a feel for 20 bucks isn’t really empowering at all… and not to mention, good luck finding a respectable husband later on.

But then again, that’s just Vee’s view. 😉



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