When To Move On From That Temporary Job to Your Career Job

From a very young age we are told that in order to get a decent job we must first go to college. But yet upon graduating, we are left with very few jobs that are actually available to us young people and the ones that ARE available are often minimum wage, retail industry jobs that don’t even require a college degree- the same ones we have been working in since we first started college in hopes of leaving upon graduation.

So after telling ourselves that these jobs are only temporary until we can find ones tied to the career that we have actually been preparing for, it becomes an awkward middle ground; we become comfortable with the job that financially gets us through the month, but yet we still have what we consider our dream “real/career” job that we are in search of. It seems that even when friends or family friends ask us where we work, it’s always inevitably a long list of justifications. “It’s just for the time being until I find a real job”, or “It’s only until I pay off my debt”.

But deep down, the worst part is that for many people you meet, you know you are being defined by that part-time, “non-professional” job. Why? Because it means that you haven’t “made it”; it means that you aren’t a “real” grown up; it means that you are a failure. It starts to become painfully obvious even amongst your friends as the divide forms between those who landed a “real” job and those who are still trying to pave their way.

But let me tell you, working 8 hours a day as you look for that career job you always dreamed of will eventually pay off. And getting comfortable at your retail or serving job or whatever it may be can be the biggest mistake of your life.

Although no one likes a quitter, sometimes without this action, we can never achieve anything better. In the end, it is about YOUR success and fulfilling YOUR ultimate dreams and desires. After all, that diploma or degree you worked your butt off to pay IS worth something and it will never find it’s worth by staying at a non-professional part-time job.

Here are some reasons to help you decide that the time to move on to bigger and greater things aside from folding clothes and serving annoying customers is NOW!

1. Non-professional jobs don’t challenge you enough.

Sure, every job has its daily tasks and duties, but retail for example is always the same thing. Every day, open to close, same tedious schedule. There is nothing new to learn and without learning, there is no growing. There are never any real challenges (other than how to deal with that rude customer full of complaints), and not much thinking needs to go into these jobs.

2. You are not applying the skills you learned in college nor are they being considered.

We all know that these temporary jobs don’t require much talent or responsibilities, but when you have a resume and a great set of skills learned in your years of schooling, then you should not put them to waste. Half the time, you are over-qualified anyways for these temporary jobs and when you start to realize you are stuck in a position that doesn’t allow you or even require you to utilize these hard-earned skills, then it’s seriously time for you to start considering other options.

3. You aren’t passionate about the work you do.

If you aren’t waking up in the morning with excitement towards your job, then it most likely isn’t your calling. Remember that you went to school for a career that you WANTED to learn about; something that intrigued you or that you aspired to achieve one day. Why stay stuck working at a place that isn’t allowing you to live those dreams?

4. You are better than that.

Although leaving a temporary job may seem scary, remember that you DO have more to offer. Now is the perfect opportunity to take back control of your life and do what you WANT to do. I am not saying that you necessarily have to quit your job, but you definitely do need to set the wheels in motion towards that career you have always dreamed of and that you deserve because it most definitely won’t come and find you at your doorstep. The only way you are going to change your life is by grabbing life and putting it into your own hands.



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    • Aw! You’re so sweet! That means a lot to me so thank you!!!! I have a bunch of articles I will be posting up in the coming weeks!

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