7 Reasons Traveling With Your Significant Other Is A Perfect Test Run Before Marriage

Every couple imagines traveling the world (or at least going to one exotic destination) with their lovers. We envision the nicest hotels, the lavish dinners, the scenic landscapes, and the heaps and heaps of sexy times. But this entirely may just not be the reality.

Things don’t always go as planned on trips and co-habituating with any other person can sometimes be difficult. But going on a getaway with your partner, whether it be for a week or a month, will teach you many lessons that can make or break your relationship.

In the end, a vacation with your partner can be one of the most rewarding experiences that will make you appreciate your loved one and learn just how strong your love really is.

1. You will learn how to problem-solve together.

Although a vacation is meant to be stress relieving and worry free, sometimes you are put under stressful situations. Not everything goes as planned at times and this is when you can get an opportunity to truly get to know your loved one better. Traveling requires patience and quick thinking so really it is the best time to see how he/she responds in certain types of situations when put under pressure.

2. You will learn each other’s habits.

Co-habituating with someone is a great time to learn the habits of your partner. From the moment you wake up, to the time you go back to bed, you will be doing everything together. Perhaps you will learn things about your lover that you hadn’t known in the months or years of dating him.

3. You will learn how to compromise.

When traveling, your different interests and priorities will show up more than ever, especially because you’re not in your normal lives. Issues like what to pack, where to go, what excursions to do, and being on time are all things you can argue over. So when you don’t see eye-to-eye, it is important that you meet each other in the middle and take turns at doing what each of you want. After all, the whole point of traveling is to try new things.

4. You will learn how to make-up after a fight.

The most normal of couples fight so fighting is really not an issue to stress over. Everyone knows that tiny hotel bathrooms and questionable tap water is enough for anyone to bicker over. The key is to focus on how you resolve and move on from the issue. Vacation should not be used as a “band-aid” for the problems in your relationship so make sure that you are secure with each other before traveling or vacation might end up in disaster.

Santiago-15. You will learn to surpass your comfort levels.

Traveling always pushes us out of our comfort zone and this factor makes many aspects of our personalities come to surface (some of which we ourselves are not even familiar with). Seeing how one another reacts to certain common travelling situations will show their true lights. Do they get angry if you so happen to get on the wrong bus, annoyed when dealing with country’s language and culture barriers, and upset with their sunburnt skin, or do they laugh it off, take everything light-heartedly, and support you when your backpack gets too heavy? These are all little things that can give you big answers.

6. You will learn if you actually see yourselves getting married to each other.

If your vacation was a complete disaster, then don’t see it as a waste of your time and money. It actually truly is a blessing in disguise as it will make you see sides of your partner you never saw before. And I’m sure you would rather see these sides now rather than in a year.

7. You will learn that the memories you make will last forever.

When you travel as a couple, you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Sharing life-changing events, stunning vistas, and wonderful stories is truly something that is intangible and one of the most memorable experiences of discovery you can possibly ever have. Going on a vacation with your lover is all about getting to do amazing things and being able to do them with your best friend and lover.

When you travel with your loved one, you will enrich your life together; you will be bonded and brought together by your unique experiences. Relationships are all about growing together and traveling allows for the both of you to be put to the test and create history that the both of you will always look back on with humor and love.

As seen on Thought Catalog published on Mar. 9, 2015. 


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Traveling With Your Significant Other Is A Perfect Test Run Before Marriage

    • No problem! I recently got back from a vacation with my boyfriend so I was very inspired… You learn A LOT about each other, that’s for sure!

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