Cheaters: Men vs. Women

cheatersWhen we hear about infidelity in a relationship, we always tend to quickly point the finger to the male as the adulterer, when in reality women aren’t always the victims. Although their reasons for cheating can perhaps be on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, both sexes can in fact be prone to being unfaithful to their partners.

Sex vs. Love-making

They say most men cheat simply for the sex as it is in their primal instincts. Men are more easily able to separate sex from emotion, whereas women usually need to feel an emotional bond before feeling a sexual urge. Men can have sex and just be having sex, but women can have sex, and be developing a way more emotional intimacy, way beyond sexual desire.

One-night stand vs. Relationship

Men always crave sex. They want sex and more sex and when presented with an opportunity to have sex without getting caught, they take it. On the other hand, women are less opportunistic and in fact crave to feel and build a passionate relationship with their partner. When men cheat, it is usually a one-night stand, whereas for a woman, it is usually an ongoing affair.

Variety vs. Stability

As much as men love sex, they also love sexual variety and have a yearning for various types of sex. That is why usually when a man cheats, it is to spice up his life and experience a change or the thrill of a chase, whereas a woman yearns for consistency in her life and is why when she cheats, usually it is with someone whom she is actually cultivating a relationship with because of an interest in that particular person.

Primal Ego vs. Emotional Ego

Men have a really big ego when it comes to their sexuality. Most of the time, they have this belief that the more sex with different women they have, the more of a “stud” or “champion” it makes them. Some men even feel that they have the entitlement to cheat just because of they fact they are a man. Most men cheat to reaffirm his sexuality, whereas women cheat to reaffirm her desirability as a woman. Women crave the comfort of knowing that they are still attractive to men.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Most men cheat to simply satisfy a sexual curiosity with a particular person they have an infatuation with or to fulfill a special fantasy. On the other hand, women cheat because of more solid and realistic reasons such as feeling neglected, under-appreciated, and not loved. Women simply tend to think these are reasonable grounds for cheating and so they seek the attention elsewhere to fill that void.

As seen published in Vida.TO May issue (Spanish version also available). 

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