9 Sizzling Summer Date Ideas

As the weather heats up, so should your romance! Take advantage of the warm weather to get playful with your special someone. Try these nine fun date ideas to make your summer sizzle.

Wine Tasting

A great way to get a responsible buzz on while learning about a variety of your favourite wines. If you aren’t a hardcore wine fanatic, don’t worry! Wineries open to public tours and tastings are geared to accommodate even the most amateur of wine tasters. For a more active experience, bike tours of vineyards and wineries are also a great way to get in touch with the Canadian landscape.


Few things are as timeless and romantic as sharing a homemade meal and a few smooches in the open air. Find a low-key spot with beautiful scenery; it can be near a lake, a hilltop, an open meadow or even in a forest!

This date can go beyond delicious food. You can play cards, fly a kite, play bocce ball, or simply take in the scenery as the clouds in the sky roll by.

Picnic essentials: Big thick blanket, basket or cooler, disposable plates and cutlery, wine glasses (optional), wet wipes, plastic bags, bug spray, sun screen and talcum powder to place around your blanket to keep ants away.

Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt

An ice cream date is a great way to cool off during those scorching hot days while satisfying your sweet tooth. Plus, building your own decadent dessert triggers childhood nostalgia and a sense of play.

For a healthier (and still tasty) option, try frozen yogurt. We’re seeing a huge rise in popularity of self-serve frozen yogurt shops with creative and flavourful toppings.


Turn your backyard into a romantic getaway under the stars. A blazing fire will add a hint of romance to the air, making it a dreamy yet inexpensive way to get cozy with your date.

Marshmallows and s’mores are sweet treats that are easy to make using the heat of the bonfire. If you want to turn the experience into an actual campout with your date, set up a tent in your own backyard.

Drive-In Movie

A night at the movies may be a more common date idea but outdoor movies are a different kind of experience! They are an iconic summer pastime and not only are they more budget-friendly, but they allow for more social interaction with your date.

Pick-up trucks are perfect to set up a bed with blankets and pillows for ultimate movie viewing comfort. Add in the stars above you, and this date has turned into a true cinematic adventure.

summer-date-ideasBerry Picking

Summer and fresh fruit go so well together, especially when you get it straight from its source! A berry picking date lets you enjoy nature as you stroll around the fields and work together to pick the juiciest berries.

Local farms set up berry picking times and some may charge by the pound so always plan ahead for your date.

Farmer’s Market

Some say variety is the spice of life so this date idea is the perfect way to discover it! Farmer’s markets are full of new flavours, smells and sights. It’s the perfect way to expand your horizons by tasting a fruit or vegetable you never even knew existed.

Not only does it let you explore food, but it also supports your local farmers. Often times the farmers will share cooking tips and recipe ideas to use with their produce — perfect to use for a dinner date night in.

Carnival / Amusement Park

Feeling wild? Take a ride on the tallest roller coaster the park has to offer. Feeling romantic? Take a spin on the ferris wheel. With endless amounts of games, rides, food and treats, you’ll never get bored on this date!

Bike Riding / Rollerblading

If you’re seeking an instant adventure, then pull out those bikes or rollerblades and ride around a natural setting such as a lake or a trail. This is also a great way to sneak a cardio workout into a date!

Biking or rollerblading essentials: backpack, water bottles, light snacks, sunscreen and a map.

As seen on CBC’s Steven & Chris published on May 27, 2015. 


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