Down For You or Down For The Moment?

down for youSometimes meeting men can be exciting; you get the butterflies in your stomach, you think he’s the real deal, but then a whole lot of confusion follows. It’s no secret that some men are just not ready to settle yet and are more interested in the moment rather than the long-term. If you are a woman looking for a real relationship though, it can get quite stressful trying to figure out if he’s worth your time or not.

These are some of the behaviours and signs on how to distinguish when a man is really into you or just into the temporary fun you can provide for him.

  1. He will genuinely want to get to know you.

If he’s asking for little details about your life and giving you his attention and time, then there definitely is an interest level for the long haul. It is highly unlikely for a man to waste his him getting to know someone who he has no future intentions with.

  1. He will make dates for the future and stick to them.

Clearly we all now what it means if he only texts you to come over after 10 p.m., but if a guy is planning ahead and wanting to set a date with you (and stick to it), he wants to guarantee his time with you.

  1. He introduces you to his friends.

A guy will not bother introducing you to his friends if you are a just a one-time thing. He will make the effort to “initiate” you into his group of friends only if he wants to take the relationship to the next level.

  1. He’s okay with just cuddling.

If every time you guys hang out, you end up having sex, then this may be a sure sign that you are just friends with benefits. But if you simply hang out with each other and enjoy spending time with one other without it always leading to the bedroom, then there might be something more to this whole relationship.

  1. He doesn’t play games.

Probably the most important, sign when a guy wants something real, he will start looking for actual security rather than the thrill of the moment. A clear signal for yourself on when to know if he’s actually into you, is when you have no doubts and uncertainties and there are no mind games being played.

As seen published in Vida.TO August issue (Spanish version also available).

vida-august issue


2 thoughts on “Down For You or Down For The Moment?

  1. Additionally, along with putting your welfare; schedule & needs ahead of his, of equal or greater importance, is whether or not he works diligently at learning how to be vulnerable with you.

    Generally men see that as a sign of diminished strength, or outright weakness. The substantive fact which is often overlooked is that by taking the risk of vulnerability, the man demonstrstes for his lady, that he entrusts her with his heart.

    Not something a fly-by-night one timer would ever consider.

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