Are You Dating The One?

Dating the oneNowadays, dating can be very simple, and jumping from one relationship to another is almost the norm. But sometimes, we hit that stage in life where you start to realize that the people you are seeing aren’t exactly “wifey” or “hubby” material.

Finding “the one” can seem like quite the daunting task, but truthfully, when you do find your true love, settling down will only come naturally without a single doubt in your mind.

So whether you’re in a long-term relationship, meeting new people, or casually dating, these are the tell-tale signs that you and your partner are in for the long run.

You share the same goals.

You both want to build a life together and envision an identical plan for the future. You are on the same page about your dreams, your goals, and where you see each other going as a couple. When the same values are shared and there is a general compatibility, the relationship will be drama-free…just the way it should be!

You can communicate successfully.

Every couple fights, but it’s HOW you handle the argument that will show you if he/she is truly the one. A healthy relationship will be able to solve problems by understanding each other’s opinions and agreeing to a solution mutually and most importantly, maturely.

You want to grow old together.

If you genuinely can picture spending the rest of your days with this man/woman, then they are probably the one. Everyday is better than the previous one and you can reflect back on your life and know deep down that you wouldn’t change a single thing in your history with each other. 

You see them as beautiful inside and out.

You shine in each other’s eyes, no matter what. You can be yourself around him/her because they have accepted you for who you are, flaws and all, and yet they still see you as a perfect “10’ and vice versa.

You empower each other, without suffocating each other.

Your true lover is your rock, available for you at all times, no matter what. If you bring out the best in each other, where your friends and family even start to notice, then that is definitely a good sign.

As seen published in Vida.TO November issue (Spanish version also available).



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