Sweeten Up Your Summer Party: DIY Food Décor Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to throw a social gathering, especially a tropical beach-themed one! Party décor is probably a key factor to throwing a successful and memorable gathering and having some breathtaking signature pieces is a great way to add gorgeous and surprising details.

But what if these pieces were edible too? It’s just a fact that food tastes better when it actually takes on the shape and form of something fun and creative, so we’ve got you covered on how to arrange your edible delights into beach-inspired centrepieces that will sweeten up the summer and simply stun all of your guests.

Warning: Guests may feel too guilty actually eating these remarkable pieces!

image5Chocolate sweets are an absolute must at any party, so amaze your guests by serving them a delight right in sync with your theme: edible seashells! All you will need is a seashell shaped candy mold, Wilton candy melts (Light Cocoa, White or Marshmallow, and Pink to achieve more natural seashell colours), and luster dust. Boil some water in a pot and place white chocolate candy melts (chunks of chocolate work too) into a separate bowl that sits on top of the boiling water pot but does not touch the water! Stir until the indirect heat causes the chocolate to fully melt. Do the same for the brown chocolate and again for the pink candy melts. After melting, pour the white chocolate into the shell molds first. Gently mix a drop of the melted brown chocolate to the white chocolate (alternating different shells with the pink candy melt) to create a realistic seashell with a marbled effect by mixing the two colours with a toothpick. Allow them to harden in the fridge. Once hardened, remove them from the mold and paint them with luster dust to give them a shimmer. When ready to indulge in, display them on a tray using brown sugar to resemble sand, leaving all your guests wondering if these seashells were collected from an actual sea shore or not!

image2The warm summer breeze on your skin, the soft white sand slipping through your toes, and the waves crashing in the distance all set the stage to that picture-perfect beach setting. So why not feature this beautiful scenery right on top of some sweet cupcakes? Vanilla cupcakes work best for this. Cover half of the top of the cupcake with blue icing to resemble the ocean and cover the other half with crushed graham crackers to resemble sand. Pierce a cocktail paper parasol on the sand portion of the cupcake and using a small piece of an Airheads Xtreme sour belt, lean it against the umbrella in the shape of a towel/beach chair. Lastly, place a red and white-striped circular mint or hard candy ball right next to it to resemble a beach ball. And there you have it-your perfect beach setting that will trigger the sweetest sensation in all your guests who indulge in these magnificent cupcakes!

image4Meringues are already a classy delicacy, but adding a pearl between the meringue “shells” is an even sweeter treasure for your guests to discover as they dig into these delicate pastries. After baking your meringue shells, you will want to create your beautiful fondant pearls to place between the meringue shells with filling. All you will need is fondant, a circular pastry tip, luster dust and alcohol (preferably vodka). Sprinkle your counter with powdered sugar and begin rolling out your fondant. Using the circle pastry tip, cut out circles about 1/4 “ to ½” wide for a perfect pearl size. Depending on the thickness of your fondant you will get different pearl sizes. Then roll the circles between your palms to form balls. Once dried, place a bit of luster dust into a clear Tupperware container and lightly spritz them with vodka from a spray bottle. One spray should be enough! This will turn the luster into a shimmering liquid. Stir until all of the luster dust is dissolved. Add some pearls into the container (work in batches if necessary as to not cram the pearls into the container), and cover the container with its lid. Shake until all the pearls are covered in the luster dust. Once dry, you can start assembling your meringue shells with their fillings, placing about half a tablespoon of your filling to the flat side of one of the meringue shells. Place an edible pearl at the edge of the filling and sandwich it to the meringue’s top shell, slanting it ever so slightly to resemble an open clam. Your meringues will look so captivating, leaving everyone eager to just bite down into this delicate treasure!

image3Dolphins are just about everyone’s favourite playful sea creature so why not feature them in your delicious parfaits? All you will need are bananas, Greek yogurt, berries or grapes (your preference), granola and blue sugar. Use tall glasses as they are ideal for parfaits and cover the rim of the glass with blue sugar to resemble water. You will want to layer the parfait with about 1/3 of a cup of Greek yogurt with alternating layers of strawberries and berries, and granola until the parfait is filled to the top. Another option is to mix your entire yogurt with blue food colouring so the entire parfait is dyed and will resemble water. Then, for the final touch, the banana resembling a dolphin leaping right out of your guests’ parfaits! Using a sharp knife, make a slit right through the stem until you reach the actual banana to form the dolphin’s playful open mouth. You can even place a berry into the mouth and use a black marker to draw some eyes. Cut the bottom half of the banana and insert the dolphin into your parfait. These dolphins will put on quite a show for all your guests!

13288866_10208714768479746_2036509882_nSandwich platters are a trademark dish at any party, so why not shape them into lovely crustaceans? This is such a cute idea and so easy to create! Simply make your croissant sandwiches with whatever fillings you desire. Ham and cheese is usually a favourite, but using crabmeat with mayo, tomatoes and avocado is also a clever idea. Begin with the crab’s eyes by sliding a toothpick through a blueberry and stick it in the centre of the crab’s body. Use a strawberry for the claws. Simply cut off the top of the strawberry, slice it in half (vertically), and then cut out a wedge from the bottom of the strawberry slice to form a claw shape. Place the claws at each end of the croissant. For crab legs, you can use either red peppers or carrots. Slice the pepper into six thin slices and place three on each side of the croissant. If you opt for carrots, make sure to use baby carrots and simply place three on each side. These crabby croissants will definitely leave all your guests admiring your cute and crafty handiwork!



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