Welcome to the world of Vee. 

Who is Vee?


My name is Veronica Granja-Sierra and I am a 24-year-old aspiring writer, animal lover, travel enthusiast & Media Studies graduate from Toronto.

As a young and aspiring marketing guru, with a passion for content writing, I hope to one day succeed in the Media Marketing industry. That is where the idea of this blog/portfolio came from- a place to expose my writing, my work, and my talent.

I am constantly driven by my fierce dedication and passion. My best work and my biggest achievements all come when I am deeply immersed in what I am doing. And great work always stems from passion. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then you are probably only doing adequate work- not great work. 

My strengths in writing have always allowed me to express myself to the best of my ability, to spread awareness, and to most importantly, share my thoughts and opinions with others. Not only has writing been my strongest passion, but also my greatest talent and with great talent also comes great responsibility. It is a writer’s responsibility to obtain facts and present it to society in an attractive and sophisticated manner- either by raising awareness on a certain issue or by simply re-telling an event.

I am presently working with Elite Daily as a Contributing Writer in the Lifestyle section, as well as Thought Catalog, Girl Talk HQ, and other online and print publications as a freelance writer.

Although people rarely guess, I am Spanish, and can fluently speak, read and write it. I am putting my second language to practice as the Sex & Relationships Writer for Toronto’s newest bilingual magazine, Vida.TO.

ospcaAside from my passion for writing, I also immersed myself in what I considered to be the best of both worlds. Combining my talent in the media world with my passion for animals, I was a Communications/Marketing & Promotions intern at the Ontario SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) where I was in charge of all their social media, promotions, marketing, campaigning, and website content updates.

I also worked for Student Health 101, an online health and wellness magazine that reaches thousands of universities and colleges across North America, where I was in charge of creating video content for articles and promotions.

Aside from ALL that, I’m also a Head Cashier at Victoria’s Secret where I try very hard not to spend my whole pay cheque in store and where I guess you can say I have become quite the lingerie enthusiast and matching bra/panty advocate.

Things in life that put a smile on my face are: family, friends, a good book, the sun, travelling, promoting animal welfare, and writing sassy blog posts.

So what is Vee’s View?

This is my online portfolio to showcase all the work that I do and that I am proud of accomplishing.

My blog will also be a place for me to express my very opinionated views on certain things in life, covering everything from culture and women to sex and dating. I aim for all my pieces to inspire or advise people, but most importantly, I want my readers to enjoy them and to want to share them with all their friends and family! 🙂

“Purpose is the reason you journey
Passion is the fire that lights your way.”



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