Vida Toronto

Vida.ToVida.TO Magazine is Toronto’s first and only multi-media outlet connecting Toronto to the Canadian Latin scene. Focusing but not limiting itself to Toronto’s Latin entertainment scene, they also highlight & review common interests such as Latin dining and cuisine, cultural events, nightclubs, event listings, industry news & gossip, beauty, fashion, art, music, tourism, entrepreneurs, business and so much more. Vida Toronto® will cater to a new generation, the consumers of today, creating a brand that will bridge bilingual Latinos, Canadians, and visitors alike to submerse themselves in the pulsating community.

  • April Issue: The Do’s & Don’ts Of One-Night Stands
    If you want a night full of passion without emotions, awkwardness, or the morning after-math of guilt and expectations, then these are the ground rules you should stick to that will spice up your single life with no complications!
  • May Issue: Cheaters: Men vs. Women
    When we hear about infidelity in a relationship, we always tend to quickly point the finger to the male as the adulterer, when in reality women aren’t always the victims. Although their reasons for cheating can perhaps be on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, both sexes can in fact be prone to being unfaithful to their partners.
  • June Issue: How To Practice Safe Sexting 
    Not only are we using our cellphones to stay connected, but to also connect on a much more intimate level. By sending sexually explicit photos or messages, the power to seduce and stimulate our partners is right at our fingertips in the click of a button.
  • July Issue: The Perks of Summer Flings 
    As the sun comes out, boosting our moods and getting us out of our stay-at-home winter funk, it’s hard to avoid some summer lovin’! Besides, a summer fling gives you three months without the actual commitment of a real relationship, but all the perks of being in one.
  • August Issue: Down For You Or Down For The Moment?
    It’s no secret that some men are just not ready to settle yet and are more interested in the moment rather than the long-term. If you are a woman looking for a real relationship though, it can get quite stressful trying to figure out if he’s worth your time or not. These are some of the behaviours and signs on how to distinguish when a man is really into you or just into the temporary fun you can provide for him.
  • October Issue: Turning Basic Sex into Mind-Blowing Sex: 5 Momentous “Sexperiences” To Spice Up Your Routine in Bed
    Sex with your partner can sometimes get to be repetitive and even boring, but then there are those sexual encounters where lovemaking becomes wholesome and something way more than just plain old decent sex.
  • November Issue: Are You Dating The One?
    Finding “the one” can seem like quite the daunting task, but truthfully, when you do find your true love, settling down will only come naturally without a single doubt in your mind. 


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